If you are satisfied, we are too

Dear business partners,

Zuercher Technik is your partner in the production and distribution of industrial valves. With our SME genes - close to the customer, personal interaction and flexibility - we offer solutions for your challenges worldwide. With us, you can be rest assured that we will take responsibility for our products and processes will be sustainable for your benefit. Our team will always take care of you competently.

Our product philosophy is holistic and apart from valves it includes documentation, approvals, certificates, services, and recycling and it aims to be resource efficient. In order to always offer you an advantage, we continuously invest in product development while ensuring the promised properties and availability. 


All our processes are sustainable and documented in order to meet your requirements efficiently. From the first contact up to the established partnership, we make sure that, like with a gear, each cog interlocks smoothly with the next. This way, we can be there for you and provide the best possible service for our products on a long-term basis.

All valves and devices developed and manufactured by us are designed for the longest possible operating times. Furthermore, they are always revisable. This not only corresponds to the concept of sustainability, but also fulfils the responsible use our natural resources and protects our environment.


Last but not least, it is the people who play a driving and central role in all the processes in our company. We are committed to maintain a high level of personal and professional competence and provide convincing services. Our continuous improvement process is also based on your feedback and our regular internal and external audits. Our motivation is to keep improving in order to be able to offer you the best quality in the long term – this is our promise.

Your team

Zuercher Technik AG